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Company Brief

Smart phone drives the development of wearable electronics market. In recent years, the enterprises related to wearable device are increasing continuously. The wearable area is the next great area of electronic device with great potential followed by smart phone. In April 2015, the Apple Watch is issued. It drives the consuming trend of smart wearable device to greater degree. Then many kinds of smart phones started to enter market at home and abroad.

In addition to smart watch, many types of wearable devices are developed one by one. Now the most promising is wearable smart glass. There are not real mature smart glasses brand on the market until now. Under the history background, Shenzhen Zhongke Wear Technology Co., Ltd. which focused on smart wearable device was founded.

As one of the most important electronic products base, Shenzhen is the city that full of challenge and miracle. Zhongke Wear Technology Co., Ltd. is founded here.

Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT) of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) is important cooperation and innovation institute for Zhongke Wear. Zhongke Wear specializes in smart wearable device, according to marketing demands and the trend of wearable electronic device, the latest wearable electronic device of Power Wolf Smart Glass is issued! In addition to development, we hope to bring more business chances for partners and achieve win-win!